Supporting and promoting the health of mothers and children in the first 1,000 days of life

Project Description:

This is the first initiative between Sawiris Foundation and the World Food Program under the umbrella of the Ministry of Solidarity. The basic project aims is to raise health awareness for women of childbearing age through health units, to prevent and control diseases and negative effects caused by malnutrition (anemia, wasting, stunting, obesity, heart disease and diabetes) during the first 1000 days from the child's life until he reaches two years of age through implementing a training program to raise the efficiency and capabilities of health service providers to enable them to provide health advice and proper follow-up of mother and child health. The project is implemented in cooperation with the World Food Program and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Population, the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Supply in Qena governorate with all its 9 centers over a period of 18 months, with a total budget of 7.3 million EGP (the contribution of the Sawiris Foundation is 4.3 million EGP). The Sawiris Foundation supports the awareness part of the project by providing the food basket from the Egyptian government (the Ministry of Supply). In response to the urgent needs of the government during that critical period that the country is going through, it was agreed with the World Food Program to amend the activities of the initiative to counter the economic and social effects of the emerging Corona virus in coordination with the Ministry of Solidarity / Ministry of Health and Population to support poor families in the villages of Egypt that are most economically affected and most vulnerable to food insecurity and malnutrition as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, which includes: pregnant and lactating women and children under two years in the poorest villages and within networks National social protection within 3 months that can be increased. The plan includes providing financial support to the groups most affected by the crisis. The initiative targets the poorest governorates: Assiut, Sohag, Qena, Luxor, Aswan, Matrouh, Giza Red Sea, and Fayoum. The Sawiris Foundation provided a financial contribution of about EGP 3.5 million to support food security and prevent malnutrition and help 4,400 poorest families meet food needs during the pandemic. Coronavirus The plan includes providing financial support for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children less than two years old.

  • Partner
  • Implementing NGO

    World Food Program (WFP)

  • Project Duration

    18 months

  • Geographical Area

    Qena witl all its areas, by implementing the COVID 19 Initiative it has been chosen Fayoum, Sohag, Qena, Luxor, Aswan and Red Sea, Assiut . Mattrouh and Giza

  • Total Budget

    7,3 Million EGP

  • SFSD Contribution

    4,3 Million EGP

  • Project Status