Science and Arts in Upper Egypt

In light of SFSD’s ongoing interest to improve the quality of education provided through the “Schools for Egypt” project, came the idea for the “Science and Arts in Upper Egypt” project in partnership with Star Care Egypt and Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), a project that aims at improving the scientific and artistic knowledge and skill of the students and teachers within the community schools.

The project will be implemented in 15 community schools in Qena, in which 437 students are enrolled. Over the 15-month duration of the project BA will establish a science club in each school to develop the skills of the facilitators and raise their competence and support the students' abilities. Furthermore, facilitators will be trained on how to use different raw materials for artistic purposes.

The science clubs aim to provide students with a practical learning experience using advanced teaching methodologies that promote creative thinking and are based on active learning techniques. As for the art sessions, they aim on broadening student’s horizons through different forms of expression, teaching them the importance of art and positively impacting their academic standing.

  • Partner
  • Implementing NGO

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina

  • Project Duration

    15 Months

  • Geographical Area


  • Total Budget

    1,722,380 EGP

  • SFSD Contribution
  • Project Status