Schools for Egypt (Assuit, Sohag, and Qena)

The aim of the project is to establish community schools in rural and remote villages in Upper Egypt, that are deprived of educational services, in order to provide quality education in a safe and healthy environment for all children who have not attended basic education or who have dropped out. Therefore, working towards providing education for all and aligning with the State's efforts to improve education in Egypt.

The "Schools for Egypt" project was launched in 2013, and has provided to date educational opportunities for more than 1,800 children through the renovation and furnishing of 60 community schools in three governorates in Upper Egypt (Assiut, Sohag, Qena); as well as the training of 120 teachers and facilitators and 45 supervisors from the Ministry of Education. The project is implemented over three phases:

  • First phase, in 2013, the establishment of 30 schools in Assiut and Sohag;
  • Second phase, in 2015, the establishment of 15 schools in Qena, in partnership with Star Care Egypt and Shorouq Egypt
  • Third phase, in 2018, the establishment of 15 schools in Assuit in partnership with Orascom Construction.

CID evaluation in 2017

Intending to expand working on the community schools within the scope of the "Schools for Egypt" project, Sawiris Foundation for Social Development contracted CID Consulting under the supervision of Dr. Laila Iskandar to evaluate the first two phases of the project to offer recommendations and outline lessons learned for further expansion. The report contains important information for those working on community education.

CID Evaluation VOL.1

  • Implementing NGO

    Assiut Childhood And Development Association

  • Project Duration

    * Phase 1: 2013-2017 * Phase 2: 2015-2022 * Phase 3: 2018-2025

  • Geographical Area

    Assiut, Sohag, and Qena governorates

  • Total Budget

  • SFSD Contribution
    • Phase 1: EGP 14,490,000
    • Phase EGP 2: 2,363,356 out of EGP 7,090,068
    • Phase 3: 7,079,293 EP from total budget 13,135,986 EGP
  • Project Status