One Dream – Phase 2

Project Description:

The project aims to improve the educational, health and economic status of marginalized target groups, and to develop the institutional performance of the Association for the Protection of the Environment.

Education Component:

The educational component within the project works on a number of different areas to improve the quality children’s learning experiences within APE’s community. This includes: (1) decreasing dropout rates within the community through: qualifying children aged 3:6 with the skills they need to be enrolled into primary schools; offering primary and preparatory school children with the support they need to successfully complete the academic years in which they are enrolled; and creating an inclusive learning within the associations support classes. (2) Developing student’s life skills, promoting and instilling positive values, and enhancing their artistic and creative appreciation. (3) Development student’s technological skills. (4) Offering middle school students with early career guidance to increase their awareness of the local labor market and potential employment prospects, so they are better able to plan for and manage their professional futures. (5) Increasing student’s families’ awareness of proper upbringing. (6) Establish educational centers. The beneficiaries targeted within this component include: 460 children ages 3-16, 210 family members, and 25 teachers

Health Component:

In view of the association's previous results in implementing health care projects and providing the necessary services to discover and provide treatment for 100 suspected cases and those infected with the emerging (COVID-19), and 5,000 of those targeted at the project sites. Complementing her experience in discovering, following up and providing treatment and health care services for non-communicable diseases (malnutrition, kidney disease, diabetes, ophthalmology) for the target groups in the National Unity areas in Tora district and Nasir facility in Cairo governorate.

Economic Empowerment Component:

One of the main project objective is providing job opportunities and economic empowerment for women from the targeted area, who have been keen on health follow-up through the project by qualifying to use waste recycling technology. Professional training will be conducted taking into account the safe distances during the period of the Coronavirus outbreak. This is through the creation of 2 production units for recycling waste, training and vocational rehabilitation for 50 women in the Manshiyat Nasser district, and the selection of 30 trainees will be selected to start operating and production in the areas of waste recycling.

Developing the institutional performance of the APE:

1)Completing the database to collect, monitor and follow up the beneficiary services. 2) Update the marketing and sales of APE products by preparing a catalog which include description of products and success stories.

  • Partner
  • Implementing NGO

    The Association for Protection of the Environment (APE)

  • Project Duration

    24 months (July 2018- June 2020)

  • Geographical Area


  • Total Budget

    23,654,196 EGP

  • SFSD Contribution

    5,790,955 EGP

  • Project Status