Hand-made Carpets Manufacture Development Initiative in Abu Teeg

Project Objective:

This initiative aims to save the handicrafts and crafts industries from extinction. It also aims to provide job opportunities for young men and women in the village of Doweina, Abu Teeg Center in Assuit Governorate, through training them in hand-made carpets by a group of professional trainers and consultants in the field to train the beneficiaries according to international standards, which qualifies them to make a competitive product locally and internationally.

Project Description:

150 girls and women from the Doweina village of Abu Teeg Region in Assuit, are trained on carpet weaving across three levels (primary, basic and advanced).

Training Details:

The project delivers the training through setting up a training center for handmade carpets, consisting of three productive training units, each with a capacity of 50 beneficiaries. The Chamber of Handicraft Industries provides overall supervision of training, along with technical and administrative support.

The project aims to deliver 400 m2 of fully-produced, high-quality handmade carpets, ready for sale. The Chamber shall market the carpet production by the end of the third phase of training (advanced training), and the revenue will be used to provide and equip production units with a total of 75 weaving looms, granted to the outstanding 75 of the beneficiaries.

The revenue will also be partially used for strengthening, maintenance and development of the training center and the three production training units. The Chamber shall market the products of the new production units throughout a period of 6 months from their launch, whereby revenue shall be distributed amongst the loom operators.


To guarantee sustainability, the Chamber will agree with the loop operators to draw 5% of their revenue to cover the expenses of enrolling a second batch of 75 beneficiaries to be trained, alongside the expertise of the former 75 beneficiaries that had not received weaving looms. The Chamber will also provide marketing support to them by nominating traders who wish to purchase their products, and repeat the project cycle within a frame of self-sustainability.

  • Partner
  • Implementing NGO

    Chamber of Handicrafts Industry & Federation of Egyptian Industries

  • Project Duration

    24 months

  • Geographical Area

    Abu Teeg - Assuit

  • Total Budget

    2,800,000 LE

  • SFSD Contribution
  • Project Status