Educate me - Teaching at the right Level

Teaching at the Right Level

The project aims to provide primary school students with basic literacy and numeracy skills through the implementation of the "Teaching at the Right Level" (TaRL) approach, which was pioneered by the Indian non-governmental organization “Pratham". TaRL tackles the learning crisis from its roots by dividing children, in grades four to six of primary school, based on their learning abilities and their skill level instead of dividing them by age or grade. This teaching approach also focuses on basic skills and curricula, instead of focusing only on the curriculum, as well as relying on regularly evaluating students’ performance instead of relying solely on end of term exams. TaRL project in Egypt was launched in May 2020 in partnership with the Educate Me Foundation and the Ministry of Education.

  • Implementing NGO

    Educate Me Foundation

  • Project Duration

    18 months (May 2020 – October 2021)

  • Geographical Area

    Cairo, Benisuef, Sohag, and Qena

  • Total Budget

    EGP 8,591,410

  • SFSD Contribution
  • Project Status