Don Bosco Scholarship Program

Sawiris Foundation annually sponsors 10 prominent students to attend the Don Bosco Institute in Cairo to obtain an industrial diploma (3 years of study) or a technical diploma (5 years of study) in the fields of electricity and mechanics. As an Italian secondary technical institute in Egypt, the institute has been a successful model because of its combination of advanced practical training and updated educational techniques. According to a cooperation agreement between the Egyptian and the Italian governments, Don Bosco graduates can be admitted to Egyptian and Italian universities. Sawiris Foundation has always prided itself with ensuring quality education, both traditional and nontraditional, is accessible to everyone. One of our goals is to ensure all students have an accessible and inclusive environment to learn.

Country: Egypt

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To be an Egyptian national residing in Egypt (preference will not be given to dual nationality holders)
  • To be a student at Don Bosco Cairo studying in the first year
  • Receive 75% or above in the first year grades at Don Bosco
  • The scholarships are awarded based on financial need as well as merit and character demonstrated through academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and social behavior

Selection Timeline:

Activity Period of Implementation
Don Bosco Institute sends names of nominated students to SFSD July- August of each year
SFSD conducts personal interviews with the nominated students August of each year
Announcing the names of the 10 scholarship awardees to Don Bosco September of each year

For inquiries, please contact:

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External Links:

Don Bosco Official Website

Application Process:

Interested students apply directly through the Don Bosco Institute

Selection Committee:

The selection committee includes representatives of Sawiris Foundation.

Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship package includes full tuition coverage. Additionally, there is a merit-based graduation bonus that depends on the student’s performance.

Period of Funding:

3-5 years depending on the study program