Development of silkworm breeding and production of natural silk

Project Objective: The project aims at implementing a model to revitalize this important industry in Upper Egypt and to focus on producing premium quality silk yarns and high-quality silk products to meet the growing needs of the domestic and overseas market, in addition to providing job opportunities for women at home and providing technical support and training for them at all stages.

Project Description: The project is concerned with all stages of production from the cultivation of mulberry trees and worm breeding to the production of silk yarns and high-quality silk products. Successful international experiences were used to identify the components of the project, with particular attention being given to successful experiences in Thailand and India, taking into account the economic, social, agricultural and environmental dimensions of the Egyptian countryside. The project includes the following components / phases:

  1. The first stage: the production of mulberry leaves (cultivation of mulberry trees), worm breeding and cocoons production include:
  • Planting mulberry trees by modern methods and using the appropriate breeds for the weather and environment of the tribal face on 5 acres
  • Breeding worms and cocoons production, during which the worms are raised in a modern way, and distribution of about 25% of the number of worms at the end of the third age of women at home to complete breeding and production of cocoons to create suitable jobs and the advancement of traditional industry with the provision of necessary technical support, and continues to breed 75% of Green worms and pupae production in soya.
  1. Phase II: Solving the cocoons and producing silk yarns include:
  • Automated dissolution of cocoons from greenhouses (automatic solution cabinets) in assembly / cooperative sites to produce high quality silk yarns according to the required specifications in the local and overseas markets.
  • Manually dissolving pupae at home (manual solution rims).
  1. Stage III: Weaving of silk products including:
  • Production of carpets and silk textiles at home according to contracted drawings and designs.
  • Production of silk carpets cooperatively in assembly sites according to contracted drawings and designs.
  • Implementing NGO

    Egyptian Initiative for Integrated Development (Nidaa)

  • Project Duration

    48 Months

  • Geographical Area


  • Total Budget

    12,860,607 EGP

  • SFSD Contribution
  • Project Status