SFSD provided a safe support to thousands of families through the Meeza card

Life maker organization

SFSD supported the relief intitative implemented by Life makers organization with a total budget of 12 million Egyptian pounds, within the framework of the Sawiris initiative to support the fight against the Coronavirus. SFSD together with life makers organization provides a package of direct, one-time interventions for 10,000 families in a safe manner commensurate with the current situation. Where the family receives a (unified relief code) through which it disburses or receives aid according to the needs of each family.

Details of the Initiative :

  • The arrival of the Interventions, especially food products, to more than 30,000 families.
  • Supporting 10,000 families with food products that last for a month.
  • Financial aid for 10,000 families
  • Supporting 10,000 families with hygiene products.
  • Awareness guidline delivered by phone to 53,780 families of preventive measures to reduce the spread of infection and the possibility of contracting the virus
  • Launching the campaign to support doctors (the hero of the story), to provide moral support to doctors and their families on social media sites, and spread the campaign message to raise awareness of the support of doctors to more than 2 million
  • Providing support to medical workers, especially doctors, by providing a set of tools necessary for prevention (infection protection requirements) and providing moral support to doctors and their families through a campaign to support them on social media, text messages and phone support calls to 1350 doctors.
  • Food products worth EGP 300 that are sufficient for a family for a month, provided through an E-Wallet dedicated to each family, so that the family purchases everything they need according to their needs from the nearest outlet to the place of residence.
  • A monthly financial aid of 650 pounds for the family for a month, to be disbursed through the electronic wallet designated for the family from the nearest outlet to the place of residence.
  • Distribution of personal and general hygiene products at a value of 50 pounds for each family, including basic needs that help the family to ensure personal safety.
  • • Coordination with public sector hospitals in the governorates.