Relief convoys reach border regions in the frame of the Sawiris initiative to fight the COVID19 virus.

Sona3 El-Kheir Foundation

The support convoys of Sona3 el-Kheir Foundation have reached 16 thousand families of the families most affected by the crisis due to the Coronavirus crisis, in 9 governorates , by providing nearly 150 tons of food aid and 50 tons of preventive materials and tools to a number 10,000 families and cash support in the amount of 500 pounds for 6,000 families from irregular employment over a period of 3 months .

Support convoys reached Halayeb, Shalateen, the cities of Luxor, Assiut, and Wadi al-Jadid, and to the far reaches of Sinai in the regions of the Arada valleys, al-Mirad, al-Abraq, al-Shujaira, and the Franks east of Saint Catherine in central Sinai.**

**** Implemented activities ****

  • Awareness campaigns to prevent the spread of the virus and protect against infection.
  • Supporting the capabilities of the most needy segments to cope with the virus, By distributing soap and disinfectants to groups with low incomes that are forced to be on the street and to contact the masses by virtue of their work (cleaners - street vendors - fruit sellers - vegetable sellers - food sellers Popular.
  • Supporting food for the most needy segments: By distributing food cartons to the families of the elderly, daily labor and irregular labor, in an attempt to reduce the burdens of economic problems resulting from their inability to work daily.

The Foundation, despite its experience in sustainable development, however, has learned that in times of crisis, it has the experience and human resources that enable it to work in emergency and relief. The quality of food in the border areas differs from other governorates, so this must be taken into account in packing foodstuffs in cartons, as the people of Halayeb and Shalateen do not eat pasta at all, and it was replaced with lentils, and this has received great approval from the people. Supporting the ability of the most needy segments to meet their basic living needs: by providing them with cash support throughout the crisis period, a proposal for an amount of 500 Egyptian pounds every month for 3 months.